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EcoLoc offering

The EcoLoc food-saving solution

EcoLoc is a food-saving solution designed to extend the shelf life and freshness of your food. With its user-friendly design, this innovative food-saving solution not only safely helps you minimize food waste but also enables significant cost savings.

EcoLoc is powered by PureFize® functionality, a cutting-edge broadband UV technology developed in Sweden that effectively eliminates microorganisms contributing to food decay. Treating your food with PureFize®, you can safely enjoy the benefits of prolonged freshness while preserving the food’s texture, taste, flavor, and aroma. All it takes is a simple press of a button. If you want your food to last extra-long, you just give it an extra burst.

Starter kit

The starter kit includes:
1 EcoLoc UV device
3 lids
3 plastic containers (1.0 l)
1 USB-C charging cable

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3 extra EcoLoc lids

EcoLoc lids fit the IKEA containers provided in the starter kit and also other IKEA 365+ rectangular food containers that can be purchased from the IKEA website at

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Note: The article numbers of IKEA 365+ food containers compatible with EcoLoc lids with PureFize functionality are:

703.591.99 IKEA 365+ glass food container 1.0 liter
703.592.03 IKEA 365+ glass food container 1.8 liter
403.591.48 IKEA 365+ plastic food container 1.0 liter, included in the starter kit
603.591.52 IKEA 365+ plastic food container 2.0 liter
603.930.66 IKEA 365+ plastic food container 4.2 liter