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How long will food last?

Fresh for up to three times longer

The EcoLoc food preservation system is designed to extend the freshness of your food with the power of PureFize® functionality. PureFize is an advanced broadband UV technology that safely and effectively eliminates microorganisms on your food, which are known to accelerate its decay. By eliminating these microorganisms, EcoLoc delays the decay process.

Using EcoLoc, you also maintain the texture, taste, flavor, and aroma of your foods. Furthermore, EcoLoc enhances the hygiene of the food you have brought home from the store, making it safer for consumption.


Without EcoLoc: 8-14 days

With EcoLoc: 14-28 days

Freshness prolonged by up to 100 %


Without EcoLoc: 11 days

With EcoLoc: >33 days

Freshness prolonged by up to 300 %

Chili pepper

Without EcoLoc: 1-2 days

With EcoLoc: 2-3 days

Freshness prolonged by up to 50 %


Without EcoLoc: 3-5 days

With EcoLoc: 5-7 days

Freshness prolonged by up to 40 %


Without EcoLoc: 6 days

With EcoLoc: 8-9 days

Freshness prolonged by up to 50 %


Without EcoLoc: 3-4 days

With EcoLoc: 6-7 days

Freshness prolonged by up to 75 %


Without EcoLoc: >2 days

With EcoLoc: 5-6 days

Freshness prolonged by up to 300 %


Without EcoLoc: >2 days

With EcoLoc: >9 days

Freshness prolonged by up to 300 %

When stored at room temperature (+28°C)

When stored in the refrigerator (+6°C)

The results are compiled from internal tests conducted to assess the impact of using PureFize functionality compared to not using it.

The tests conducted on the countertop were carried out at 28°C to accelerate the degradation process. The refrigeration tests were performed at 6°C. It is important to note that apart from the condition of the tested foods, the temperature of the refrigerator itself also plays a crucial role.

Please consider this table as a reference point only, and feel free to test and find the storage and duration that work best for your foods. The effectiveness of EcoLoc may vary for each individual, as we all utilize different types of foods and employ distinct cooking and treatment methods. Therefore, it is recommended to explore and determine your own optimal approach based on your specific circumstances and preferences.

How does it work?

PureFize generates a broadband UV spectrum similar to sunlight, effectively safeguarding against microorganisms that can compromise the quality and freshness of food. These microorganisms accumulate on the surface of food throughout various stages, from production to your kitchen.

Please note that PureFize functionality removes microorganisms only in direct line of sight. This means that areas not exposed to the UV light will not be affected. However, our studies have shown that eliminating microorganisms in the areas exposed to PureFize, both on the food and in empty areas of the container, makes a noticeable difference in shelf life.

Independent studies also demonstrate that UV light outperforms the vacuum solutions available on the consumer market. However, studies have shown that combining UV with vacuum technology yields even better results, albeit at a higher cost.

To learn more about PureFize, please visit the FAQ section or go to for detailed information.

IMPORTANT: Just like it is for refrigeration or any other food preservation method, it is impossible to state exactly how much longer food will last when using PureFize. However, it is certain that food will last longer with PureFize compared to not using it. Various factors influence the condition of a food product, including its cultivation, handling, storage, and treatment, as well as environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity from harvest to your kitchen. These factors collectively impact the shelf life of the product.

Combining EcoLoc with refrigeration generally provides the best effect for maximizing the longevity of your food. EcoLoc is specifically designed to help you reduce food waste and save money.